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The World Master Open Music Competition is a prestigious online music competition designed to challenge and celebrate the virtuosity and artistic excellence of performers from all backgrounds and countries. Our goal is to inspire and support young musicians, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents in a comfortable and encouraging environment.


We offer a range of categories tailored to different age groups, skill levels, and musical styles, ensuring that every participant can compete at an appropriate level. By participating in our competition, musicians have the chance to gain recognition, receive awards.


At the World Master Open Music Competition, we create a formal yet supportive atmosphere that allows aspiring musicians from around the world to showcase their skills. We believe in providing opportunities for musical growth and self-challenge. Furthermore, winners will have the exclusive opportunity to be featured on our online social media platform, amplifying their reach and exposure.

Join us and be part of an extraordinary musical journey. Discover outstanding artists with unique personalities, and help us celebrate the power of music on a global stage.

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